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Kim's Kitchen started as a small product line out of our farm market kitchen at Raisin' Cane.  It has since grown into it's own business with 2 locations.

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Our family has lived and farmed in the South Georgia/North Florida area for multiple generations.  My two brothers and I make up the 6th generation of our family to work in the agriculture industry in this area. 


We have always thrown around the idea of opening a farm market, but it never got past the planning stages because we all had full time jobs and school of our own.  In the Fall of 2013, our idea became a reality when we opened Raisin’ Cane in Southern Lowndes County. 


Raisin’ Cane is a multi-faceted business, but it all centers around agriculture.  The market is located on a corner of part of our farm, just South of Valdosta on HWY 41.  


Our market is open all year.  We host a variety of Georgia Grown products such as jams, jellies, honey and specialty nuts but our most popular items proved to be our home made casseroles.  We have a small kitchen located right inside our market.  We hand make about 50 different kinds of casseroles, main dishes, sides and desserts.  When we first opened, we called the casserole portion of our business “Kim’s Kitchen”, named after our mom, Kim.  Due to the popularity of Kim’s Kitchen at Raisin' Cane, we have since opened up a free standing Kim’s Kitchen on North Valdosta Road.  We still hand make each item in our kitchen at Raisin’ Cane.  Each day, we deliver casseroles to each of our locations.  All you have to do is stop in, pick one off of the shelf, take it home and put it in the oven for a home cooked meal without the mess.

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